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Activation of TexMind Products


1. If you canceled the operation, start the programm again.

2. Select your case

You can usually evaluate the software 15 days for free. Every time you start it this windows will appear. Once you receive your serial number, select this box and go next for activation. Each serial number can be used only once and only at one computer.

Some versions do not have the 15 days free time and requires serial number directly for the activation process.

If you have troubles or change the computer, contact info aat texmind doot com

3. Select E-Mail Activation

4. Fill in your details The red marked fields are obligatory

5. IF you use Outlook, Thunerbird or another mail program, it should start automatically and create a message with the activation details. In other case after few seconds you will get message like this (sorry for the German language) But which say, that you do not have configured Mail client on this machine. In this case say OK, and go forward. The E-Mail content will be then puted into your clipboard so that you can paste it in your favorite mail programm. It looks like this, please, do not modify it:

6. Please send this E-Mail to activation aat texmind doot com

Activation-Request for Texmind Warp Knitting Pattern Painter Extended 2014

(11.07.2014 19:30:07)

Please do not change the following information

Name/Company: Testing Company


E-Mail-Address: [email protected]

Installation Codes:


02: sdfASFsdfaveve


7. Give us one working day and we will send you the Activation Code back

8. Enter the acrivation code for this computer and press Apply

9. Antivirus Software

Some antivirus Programs like Avira, Kasperski or other some times suggest, that this application is not often used and could be not secure. You have to say „Run anyway“ or to add the application with the path in the „exception“ list of these programs. In case of any problems, proposals, requiests contact us: info aat texmind dooot com

Activation Key Request not send

If you were not able to send activation request automatically:

1. Click the “?” sign (bottom left corner) of the activation window

2. Check (or copy) the requested numbers for instance the code at position 2, 3 and 13 and send these to us

Enjoy the patterning

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