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 +====== Activate Log - (Error protocol)  ======
 +Activate the log file
 +1. Go to the licensing menu (Main Form -> Options-> Licensing Options) or press  CTRL+Alt + L 
 +{{ :ins:go_to_menu.png?600 |}}
 +2. Activate Loging  (the programm will write what is doing, if some error happend)
 +{{ :ins:options_for_loging.png?600 |}}
 +3. Set path for loging  (where to save the log file. This is a text file with file end .log)
 +{{ :ins:activate_and_pfad_selection.png?600 |}}
 +4. Restart your application. If the error still exists, wait at least 30 seconds and then close it,
 +and go to the path for the .log file and send it to us.
 ====== Windows 8.1 ====== ====== Windows 8.1 ======